Thursday, January 9, 2014

Combat Conn Fitness and Nutrition!

So I ranted last post about my business aspirations and how frustrated I was getting. Now after settling down, I am just going with the flow letting things happen. I am establishing a website and a base, getting my name out there...updating photos, videos etc...just letting things run its course and of course do some things behind the scenes.

So this idea well the name came from my hubby, his nickname and I took it and ran with it! So he gets all the credit for that, so now I build on it.. well we do with his help. I am establishing a blog, you tube, IG, FB putting all my energy into making it great along with the balance of everything else. No clients right now but putting into making a base. I am so excited and know it will take hard work but I really hope this becomes a success which I get into it what I put out.

I hope that this reaches so many people and that I can get one or two people to their goals then I am good. It is so many things and so little time but I am being patient with the process.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

These moments of truth make you wiser....My own moment right now...

Well I had a million things going through my mind about the topic I wanted to pick but I got more frustrated about not being able to pick the topic then the actual topic. So I realize I am just going a million miles a minute here... a few things about me....


yup, just putting that out there.


another one too...a big one

I LOVE TO DO BOTH THOSE THINGS AS MUCH AS I CAN... (mind you this is among the other things I have to balance but I pretend like those things aren't there and say sure sure sure..)

Ok so no problem with these things but all in due time supposedly...right? NO not with me...

I recently got certified ISSA Personal Trainer which I have been wrecking my brain for 4 months and recently meaning 2 days ago...well now I am out the up, graphics logo...trying to get on contract...establish FB, YOU TUBE, IG videos, Blogging, *out of breath* ok and also be a wife, train with my own trainer,raise a puppy, love on my dogs , get some time to myself, volunteer, take classes, oh and sleep yeah yeah yeah ...

well it just hit me that I need to bring this train to a screeching halt...because I am really doing ALOT...and not because its selfish or sometimes it is because my hubby is so understanding but because it is instant gratification...I got cert to train, I wanna train, I want the experience, I want my business, I want a great body, I want more right now..not today right now...yea

Ok so that's out there wow... so what should this tell you as a reader ...well 1) Drea you are crazy you need to sit down somewhere  2) Things can get pretty overwhelming  3) Life gets too crazy and unbalanced...

We all have goals for the new year and want instant gratification but sometimes it can get too much and we push ourselves too far, now can you still have success but in slow and easy safe mentally sane way ABSOLUTELY. It takes patience...organization, balance, and more patience because no one is successful one is an expert overnight but BUT we do learn our lessons from these situations...

So how about taking things step by step...

1)the first thing I want to do is establish that I will not have all these things done tomorrow
2) I need sleep and I need to have some fun of some unrelated to fitness period!
3) Time for a vacation, yea I am in Hawaii but hell I live here....
4) I want to slow and steadily reach my points along the way....
5) I am going to work on getting info from the experts, asking questions and just building building...

So there you go, I believe this entry may need to be called "You can want what you want but in due time so take a chill pill, plan and things will eventually come together"

I hope you learned from this either way and realize everyone has there moments...Put it out there...organize it and

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Your life is part of who you are....Past, Present and Future

I debated on so many things to write about but I feel that this is one of those topics that always affects a person (including me) regardless of who it is, young or old, rich or poor etc. We have a blueprint of our journey for the present and the future. Fitness is a part of a blueprint that needs to be added, revised, removed and reestablished etc etc...but not just this any part of you that affects you as a person. When I think about where I was and where I am now, I sit here and say how the the heck am I walking around like life is good, feeling blessed and not resentful....etc etc... I always see quotes " The past doesn't define you etc etc..." but it does, it defines you in a way that you allow it past is coming from a dysfunctional family, didn't grow up with my dad really till I was a teenager like junior in high school and senior year, my mom is mentally ill, and I was a part of the foster care system for a while...I am not saying this for sympathy...I am saying this because the past made me the more resilient person I am, I seek challenges, I have a drive for helping other people get through things, I am all about being better than what you think you would be...imagining yourself at the next level already! Now I am not saying I don't have my bad days or somewhat negative thoughts sometimes, like why me and this this that...but I AM ONLY HUMAN and so are you!  We all have skeletons, things we aren't proud of but the lessons that came out of those experiences affect us, in so many ways....find your motivation in that! If your family has a history of health problems, use that as a reason to better yourself, or what about the future of your do you want to be viewed by them ( that is a HUGE motivation for change), or better yet...what about the fact that you deserve to live a long and healthy life? I could go on and on...but the takeaway is this... Your life(journey) is a part of you, it got you into this world, sitting at your desk reading this blog, your dad who wasn't there well he got you here to affect others who may have the same issues and that you can make it! Its all about how you look at it...Fitness is truly one of life's larger challenges because it is different, it is a community that is growing and shrinking all at the same time, and it is not an easy path. Find your motivation in your life, past present and future...and use that as fuel to get your butt moving...

We all have a purpose to walk this earth...what's yours?

Friday, January 3, 2014

So your new ...and your trying to start this thing ....

I feel sometimes as adults we don't like to be vulnerable, or appear to be less informed or intelligent about a subject, or event. You ever have the conversation with someone where they ask you if you have seen something and you think in your head "NO" but you say yes just to not make it awkward but it is anyway because you have no IDEA what they are saying?! Yeah been there....I kind of think of new starts to workouts, or classes, hobbies as an awkward conversation...You want to be interested but you cant because you have NO IDEA what is going on! So you are at a cross road, "Do I allow myself to be vulnerable and learn or do I throw in the towel and just stick to my comfort zone and not really accomplish anything? " Guess what most people choose? Yup, I'm just going to stay right here in my comfort one bothers me or says you don't know what your doing etc..etc..

I say this, it takes courage to step out into something you don't know what the result will be, to even consider it, takes desire. The foundation is already set for something great. Now its just taking that right foot and putting it in front of the left...right into Snuffy's fitness or something to that degree...
So your thinking " I have no idea what I am doing!" ' I don't want to embarrass myself" "Look at all these "experienced" people", well those thoughts are normal but we need to evolve those into " How do I learn what to do?" " I want to be safe in my exercises not to cause injury" " I want to meet my goal"....

The first thing is to Have a Plan:

What is your objective?  Research your plan by looking online, or talking to the gym personnel. If you want to go to the next level, hiring a personal trainer is always an option. The bottom line is you don't have to do it alone, it is not impossible, and it will take patience and time to get where you need to be. But it all starts with having a "headliner" as I like to say... " Drea's Road to weightloss" or " Drea's Muscle Growth Dilema" shoot I dunno...but it sounds like something worth going for right??

The Second thing: Implement the Plan!!! :

Wow this the true hurdle.....taking action! We all have a great story of anything...well I am "working" on my degree, or " planning to go to the gym today" or " I need to go grocery shopping" ...well all TALK is nice...but until you get in your car, start it  , drive it 2 lefts and a right to get to SNUFFY's Fitness or Safeway...nothing is going to happen! I know it takes motivation, patience, but the willingness to try and act is the start of something great.

New Years is about Resolutions, but its more about Implementing those! Don't be back where you were next year, instead be proud of what you that you have Passion and a Plan go out and execute it! You can do it!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finding that passion...

For this blog well.....going forward I wanna reach the hearts and minds of people...women too no objections but as women we have a lot more emotions driving our decision making..our day goes on good or bad based on how we feel. We love hard, think constantly, criticize ourselves with or without help. This is not all women but from my perspective when it comes to our bodies it is an emotional process. We are judged on our looks and body, compared to women who appear to have it all and try to piece ourselves in that image only to realize it's not possible. Why because we are all individual people. We come out different in every way from the next woman or man so why not bring those out...embrace the uniqueness..dare to be different?

The passion of my fitness came from a desire to improve myself.. My mind body and spirit. I am 4'11 barley 5, I'm light skinned, I have scars, I'm pigeon toed, I have a small chest..the list goes on and on...I would hang onto these "features" as if they defined me, as if it was a curse but for the past 27 years this has been's who I was born into and it's gonna be it till I'm 6 feet under. So what can I affect, I can affect my thought process, I can affect my body and how it's can be big small skinny muscular..that I can I did! So many things fell into place because I accepted my flaws as being unique, I took control of what I could and made it positive and it has changed my life forever! I'm not saying there weren't 5,459 times I quit, I couldn't handle it, I felt like a failure, it was lonely, it was irritating but my passion for it was bigger...I brought the passion to the surface constantly because negative thoughts have a way of pitching a tent and driving you to stop...

My best thing for 2014 for anyone is to bring that passion to the surface...let it take control and steer your gets bigger and bigger and eventually you are at the finish line when you thought you wouldn't not give up your goal because it's yours and yours alone! You can do it!

Stay focused

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ready for 2014...

Well I am sure there is alot of negative talk about the new years resolutions...the gym folks and oh its going to be crowded etc etc....but the bottom line is we all started into what was a "crowded" place, now we have adapted and are part of that....sometimes when we try something new we feel right back to where we started in the beginning...shoot I still get embarrassed sometimes when I do it wrong or when I cant get through an exercise....but its part of the learning process right...

I say bring on the new folks...they are willing to start something and have courage to try a new experience..why not do it that way...its always talk about obesity in america etc how about the positive thinking about people coming to the gym ready to make changes?

if anything "we" as the experienced of overcoming that can help those new folks...but if we are tearing them down before they get in are we bettering are we bettering ourselves..dont forget you used to be were them...some times you still are it forward..

For me, using 2014 as a year to just get better, help others....i feel like it was why I was put there...shoot my hubby went back to the gym today..we didnt work out together but its been almost 2 years since he hit the weights...I am very proud of I encourage...I push because he even feels like its starting over...

have you pushed somebody today in a positive light?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sundays..... bleh

Tommorow will be my first day back at work since vacation...ahhh the suspense lol... but the upside is that I only have a 1 month and a half till we move to Hawaii! So its the down hill with a lot of moving packing, selling our stuff...arguing (as me and hubby dont move well ) so I am awaiting the good times. Although it makes me sad since I have grown close to folks but it really tests your friendships once you leave do you really have a good friendship or was it just one of those " i have to work with you so..." probably the latter but I have made good friendships since I been here learned alot about myself, my relationships with people and my husband, so all is not lost. I got a chance to experience the Okinawan/Japanese culture and got to do things many people cant say they have done so overall positive experience and time to transition..not yet..

Anywho, going to start my gym time tommorow gradually slow probably be sore as I have worked out in 2 weeks so i look forward to just getting some good sweat and not try to over do it...
Looking at weights 5 times a week, try some differnt exercises, 1 leg day, bi's/tris, chest and shoulders, 1 or 2 back days with some abs. Cardio 3 x a week with a mix of sprints long distance run, spin whatever the case..maybe circuits...

I still have no period...kind of worried but I will wait her out...much as I enjoyed not having one, hormones are out of wack and when your hubby says you are nicer when you are on your period are one crazy beech lets see if she will show her ugly self here soon..

In other news, i did my skydive, it was definitely an experience and killed my fear of joke lol...i was fine up until we got inside the plane and when the parachute/landing happened where my stomach couldnt handle the "excitement" and i immediately puked my guts out on landing. However I am not afraid anymore and checked it off. Hubby did it 2x , 1 with  me and 1 alone, he is looking to be certified smh...well more power to him lol..


so my next goal is learning to swim...people keep teasing "muscle sinks it doesnt float blah blah", I am going to do it and now that I am not so obsessive about getting my hair wet.. (stereotype but true) since I am natural then it should be all the better...before it was like oil and vinegar, get my feet wet thats it but you betta not dunk me in the water...them is fighting words lol....
Some pics of Guam, a good vacay, but the day before work after a vacay mannnn dreading the return to work but it will keep me busy and then back to clean eating!

Also made a recipe for Spicy Ground Turkey Muffins

1 lb ground turkey breast
1/2 c each of green pepper onions spinach red pepper chopped
Dash Cayenne pepper
Salt to taste
... Pepper to taste
Dash Parsley flakes
Dash of Chilli powder
Splash of egg whites
Splash of oats
JalapeƱos as many as u like

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and put into foil muffin cups

Bake at 375 for 30 mins

Top with salsa or green sauce