Friday, January 3, 2014

So your new ...and your trying to start this thing ....

I feel sometimes as adults we don't like to be vulnerable, or appear to be less informed or intelligent about a subject, or event. You ever have the conversation with someone where they ask you if you have seen something and you think in your head "NO" but you say yes just to not make it awkward but it is anyway because you have no IDEA what they are saying?! Yeah been there....I kind of think of new starts to workouts, or classes, hobbies as an awkward conversation...You want to be interested but you cant because you have NO IDEA what is going on! So you are at a cross road, "Do I allow myself to be vulnerable and learn or do I throw in the towel and just stick to my comfort zone and not really accomplish anything? " Guess what most people choose? Yup, I'm just going to stay right here in my comfort one bothers me or says you don't know what your doing etc..etc..

I say this, it takes courage to step out into something you don't know what the result will be, to even consider it, takes desire. The foundation is already set for something great. Now its just taking that right foot and putting it in front of the left...right into Snuffy's fitness or something to that degree...
So your thinking " I have no idea what I am doing!" ' I don't want to embarrass myself" "Look at all these "experienced" people", well those thoughts are normal but we need to evolve those into " How do I learn what to do?" " I want to be safe in my exercises not to cause injury" " I want to meet my goal"....

The first thing is to Have a Plan:

What is your objective?  Research your plan by looking online, or talking to the gym personnel. If you want to go to the next level, hiring a personal trainer is always an option. The bottom line is you don't have to do it alone, it is not impossible, and it will take patience and time to get where you need to be. But it all starts with having a "headliner" as I like to say... " Drea's Road to weightloss" or " Drea's Muscle Growth Dilema" shoot I dunno...but it sounds like something worth going for right??

The Second thing: Implement the Plan!!! :

Wow this the true hurdle.....taking action! We all have a great story of anything...well I am "working" on my degree, or " planning to go to the gym today" or " I need to go grocery shopping" ...well all TALK is nice...but until you get in your car, start it  , drive it 2 lefts and a right to get to SNUFFY's Fitness or Safeway...nothing is going to happen! I know it takes motivation, patience, but the willingness to try and act is the start of something great.

New Years is about Resolutions, but its more about Implementing those! Don't be back where you were next year, instead be proud of what you that you have Passion and a Plan go out and execute it! You can do it!

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