Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sundays..... bleh

Tommorow will be my first day back at work since vacation...ahhh the suspense lol... but the upside is that I only have a 1 month and a half till we move to Hawaii! So its the down hill with a lot of moving packing, selling our stuff...arguing (as me and hubby dont move well ) so I am awaiting the good times. Although it makes me sad since I have grown close to folks but it really tests your friendships once you leave do you really have a good friendship or was it just one of those " i have to work with you so..." probably the latter but I have made good friendships since I been here learned alot about myself, my relationships with people and my husband, so all is not lost. I got a chance to experience the Okinawan/Japanese culture and got to do things many people cant say they have done so overall positive experience and time to transition..not yet..

Anywho, going to start my gym time tommorow gradually slow probably be sore as I have worked out in 2 weeks so i look forward to just getting some good sweat and not try to over do it...
Looking at weights 5 times a week, try some differnt exercises, 1 leg day, bi's/tris, chest and shoulders, 1 or 2 back days with some abs. Cardio 3 x a week with a mix of sprints long distance run, spin whatever the case..maybe circuits...

I still have no period...kind of worried but I will wait her out...much as I enjoyed not having one, hormones are out of wack and when your hubby says you are nicer when you are on your period are one crazy beech lets see if she will show her ugly self here soon..

In other news, i did my skydive, it was definitely an experience and killed my fear of joke lol...i was fine up until we got inside the plane and when the parachute/landing happened where my stomach couldnt handle the "excitement" and i immediately puked my guts out on landing. However I am not afraid anymore and checked it off. Hubby did it 2x , 1 with  me and 1 alone, he is looking to be certified smh...well more power to him lol..


so my next goal is learning to swim...people keep teasing "muscle sinks it doesnt float blah blah", I am going to do it and now that I am not so obsessive about getting my hair wet.. (stereotype but true) since I am natural then it should be all the better...before it was like oil and vinegar, get my feet wet thats it but you betta not dunk me in the water...them is fighting words lol....
Some pics of Guam, a good vacay, but the day before work after a vacay mannnn dreading the return to work but it will keep me busy and then back to clean eating!

Also made a recipe for Spicy Ground Turkey Muffins

1 lb ground turkey breast
1/2 c each of green pepper onions spinach red pepper chopped
Dash Cayenne pepper
Salt to taste
... Pepper to taste
Dash Parsley flakes
Dash of Chilli powder
Splash of egg whites
Splash of oats
JalapeƱos as many as u like

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and put into foil muffin cups

Bake at 375 for 30 mins

Top with salsa or green sauce



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