Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blow the dust off this thing..

Well Its been a minute, I obviously havent wrote since March...I was in competion mode then, still am...and now I am 12 days out!

Yea I know you say what the heck? How? Whatever? But I hope you didnt expect me to give up! or at least go through with it..I will say that much...

Anywho, I have my suit, I have my photo shoot friday and I am just rolling..cardio is cardio with mixture of intervals and circuits...posing practice constant...working on my mandatories to be a lot more fluid on top of the routine...lifting is lifting..

I have been using Godiva coffee as pre workout for a bit like a week or so...omg its amazing..obviously black no cream 2 packets of truvia..I prolly dont even need that...but try it! I love chocolate truffle!

I did meal prep Sunday, it is work but i never took time to actually step back and look at what I was doing ...for 3 days its was about 2 hrs worth of work to include cooking the food had food been already prepared i would be inclined to take less time but I like all my food fresh...here it is..

lots of nice neat containers to keep the portions, lots of color and all that fun stuff...not boring!

I also recieved my suit from Competiton Couture, the amazing thing is that she skyped with me the whole way and it came out how I wanted it! Yay..check her out on FB for your needs

here is the pic

Lastly here is a little pic of me...nothing special but lets just say my progress has come a long way