Saturday, January 4, 2014

Your life is part of who you are....Past, Present and Future

I debated on so many things to write about but I feel that this is one of those topics that always affects a person (including me) regardless of who it is, young or old, rich or poor etc. We have a blueprint of our journey for the present and the future. Fitness is a part of a blueprint that needs to be added, revised, removed and reestablished etc etc...but not just this any part of you that affects you as a person. When I think about where I was and where I am now, I sit here and say how the the heck am I walking around like life is good, feeling blessed and not resentful....etc etc... I always see quotes " The past doesn't define you etc etc..." but it does, it defines you in a way that you allow it past is coming from a dysfunctional family, didn't grow up with my dad really till I was a teenager like junior in high school and senior year, my mom is mentally ill, and I was a part of the foster care system for a while...I am not saying this for sympathy...I am saying this because the past made me the more resilient person I am, I seek challenges, I have a drive for helping other people get through things, I am all about being better than what you think you would be...imagining yourself at the next level already! Now I am not saying I don't have my bad days or somewhat negative thoughts sometimes, like why me and this this that...but I AM ONLY HUMAN and so are you!  We all have skeletons, things we aren't proud of but the lessons that came out of those experiences affect us, in so many ways....find your motivation in that! If your family has a history of health problems, use that as a reason to better yourself, or what about the future of your do you want to be viewed by them ( that is a HUGE motivation for change), or better yet...what about the fact that you deserve to live a long and healthy life? I could go on and on...but the takeaway is this... Your life(journey) is a part of you, it got you into this world, sitting at your desk reading this blog, your dad who wasn't there well he got you here to affect others who may have the same issues and that you can make it! Its all about how you look at it...Fitness is truly one of life's larger challenges because it is different, it is a community that is growing and shrinking all at the same time, and it is not an easy path. Find your motivation in your life, past present and future...and use that as fuel to get your butt moving...

We all have a purpose to walk this earth...what's yours?

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