Thursday, January 9, 2014

Combat Conn Fitness and Nutrition!

So I ranted last post about my business aspirations and how frustrated I was getting. Now after settling down, I am just going with the flow letting things happen. I am establishing a website and a base, getting my name out there...updating photos, videos etc...just letting things run its course and of course do some things behind the scenes.

So this idea well the name came from my hubby, his nickname and I took it and ran with it! So he gets all the credit for that, so now I build on it.. well we do with his help. I am establishing a blog, you tube, IG, FB putting all my energy into making it great along with the balance of everything else. No clients right now but putting into making a base. I am so excited and know it will take hard work but I really hope this becomes a success which I get into it what I put out.

I hope that this reaches so many people and that I can get one or two people to their goals then I am good. It is so many things and so little time but I am being patient with the process.

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