Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finding that passion...

For this blog well.....going forward I wanna reach the hearts and minds of people...women too no objections but as women we have a lot more emotions driving our decision making..our day goes on good or bad based on how we feel. We love hard, think constantly, criticize ourselves with or without help. This is not all women but from my perspective when it comes to our bodies it is an emotional process. We are judged on our looks and body, compared to women who appear to have it all and try to piece ourselves in that image only to realize it's not possible. Why because we are all individual people. We come out different in every way from the next woman or man so why not bring those out...embrace the uniqueness..dare to be different?

The passion of my fitness came from a desire to improve myself.. My mind body and spirit. I am 4'11 barley 5, I'm light skinned, I have scars, I'm pigeon toed, I have a small chest..the list goes on and on...I would hang onto these "features" as if they defined me, as if it was a curse but for the past 27 years this has been's who I was born into and it's gonna be it till I'm 6 feet under. So what can I affect, I can affect my thought process, I can affect my body and how it's can be big small skinny muscular..that I can I did! So many things fell into place because I accepted my flaws as being unique, I took control of what I could and made it positive and it has changed my life forever! I'm not saying there weren't 5,459 times I quit, I couldn't handle it, I felt like a failure, it was lonely, it was irritating but my passion for it was bigger...I brought the passion to the surface constantly because negative thoughts have a way of pitching a tent and driving you to stop...

My best thing for 2014 for anyone is to bring that passion to the surface...let it take control and steer your gets bigger and bigger and eventually you are at the finish line when you thought you wouldn't not give up your goal because it's yours and yours alone! You can do it!

Stay focused

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