Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sundays..... bleh

Tommorow will be my first day back at work since vacation...ahhh the suspense lol... but the upside is that I only have a 1 month and a half till we move to Hawaii! So its the down hill with a lot of moving packing, selling our stuff...arguing (as me and hubby dont move well ) so I am awaiting the good times. Although it makes me sad since I have grown close to folks but it really tests your friendships once you leave do you really have a good friendship or was it just one of those " i have to work with you so..." probably the latter but I have made good friendships since I been here learned alot about myself, my relationships with people and my husband, so all is not lost. I got a chance to experience the Okinawan/Japanese culture and got to do things many people cant say they have done so overall positive experience and time to transition..not yet..

Anywho, going to start my gym time tommorow gradually slow probably be sore as I have worked out in 2 weeks so i look forward to just getting some good sweat and not try to over do it...
Looking at weights 5 times a week, try some differnt exercises, 1 leg day, bi's/tris, chest and shoulders, 1 or 2 back days with some abs. Cardio 3 x a week with a mix of sprints long distance run, spin whatever the case..maybe circuits...

I still have no period...kind of worried but I will wait her out...much as I enjoyed not having one, hormones are out of wack and when your hubby says you are nicer when you are on your period are one crazy beech lets see if she will show her ugly self here soon..

In other news, i did my skydive, it was definitely an experience and killed my fear of joke lol...i was fine up until we got inside the plane and when the parachute/landing happened where my stomach couldnt handle the "excitement" and i immediately puked my guts out on landing. However I am not afraid anymore and checked it off. Hubby did it 2x , 1 with  me and 1 alone, he is looking to be certified smh...well more power to him lol..


so my next goal is learning to swim...people keep teasing "muscle sinks it doesnt float blah blah", I am going to do it and now that I am not so obsessive about getting my hair wet.. (stereotype but true) since I am natural then it should be all the better...before it was like oil and vinegar, get my feet wet thats it but you betta not dunk me in the water...them is fighting words lol....
Some pics of Guam, a good vacay, but the day before work after a vacay mannnn dreading the return to work but it will keep me busy and then back to clean eating!

Also made a recipe for Spicy Ground Turkey Muffins

1 lb ground turkey breast
1/2 c each of green pepper onions spinach red pepper chopped
Dash Cayenne pepper
Salt to taste
... Pepper to taste
Dash Parsley flakes
Dash of Chilli powder
Splash of egg whites
Splash of oats
JalapeƱos as many as u like

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and put into foil muffin cups

Bake at 375 for 30 mins

Top with salsa or green sauce



Friday, June 14, 2013

Post Competition Vacation and a Way Forward


I went on Vacation to Guam with the hubby, it was MUCHHHH Needed, we definitely needed that time, he has endured my shenanigans for 6 months all good but still a break was in store for both of us. We did a week which was good enough, went to the beach, jet skis SKYDIVING, yea I said

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure..

Tarzan Falls Hike

My first skydive
At the Hyatt swimming

Great experience much needed....

So now the way forward...i do have some lessons learned...

I definitely can say what I wanted last year is different than what I want now but I dont forget the lessons or trials, I am sure I will go through phases, and to expect to be all knowing is unrealistic but its human nature on some things...we want the results right away not realizing even when we meet are goal you still want to maintain and get better over all...

So I see things like this, I see that I completed another phase and look forward to just enjoying the gym as I always have from the beginning! I love training first and foremost well out of the process!

Overall having healthy balance of my foods, training, friends, family without feeling like I am being pulled in 8 different directions! I believe it is possible as long as you dont try to overload one thing out of the other. i admit, it felt weird to not be in the gym for over a week and a half but I know that it NEEDED TO HAPPEN. I needed that pause out of all the craziness for the past 6 months to stop and focus more on things at hand. My husband needed me! He expressed it and this doesnt happen too often, a man of few emotions as most men are well, expressing them! So in turn, I saw his beautiful smile on vacation, the natural joy he felt being with me, it brought us closer and the appreciation i have for him has grew a million times more! On top of him pushing me to face my fears this past week! I went on the jet ski and I skydived! Amazing the strength from your partner and what you already have been instilled, I have cheated death lol...but I digress...I guess I am speaking out of the knowledge I have gained and the experiences and lessons learned...

There is life with all the joys and healthy living. My hubby is changing his perspective as he has seen me change mine! So all in all, I know i will be ok, I have the tools, i know what I need to do, take a deep breath, step forward and find that balance!

Here are my goals as well -

1) be happy and fulfilled in all aspects mentally physically spiritually with family friends etc give them love as much as I can

2) maintain my work physically and of course improve, my love for weights has never left

3) maintain eating habits (I will still do my regime, have a cheat or so but nothing has changed just not as intense)

4) help others meet their fitness goal or find out what that is

5) work on my certifications for nutrition and personal training

6) lastly enjoy life and update my blog I have folks that read I need to vent and write!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Competition Recap!

Wow, well I made it, I met my goal, exceeded my expectations, I took to the next level. I beat myself in my own way but for the better… I am still on that high and low (tired, need water etc, had lots of sweets tummy hurt, etc etc) but for the most part I feel like I have accomplished what seemed unattainable. I felt like I didn’t give myself enough credit for what I accomplished so I am saying it here.. I finished strong, I built more CONFIDENCE in my abilities, I persevered and when shit was hitting the fan I stayed…I endured and built on the obstacles that tried to stand in my way.


My Promotion Friday

All I could remember thinking on Sunday was that “I know this, I know the poses, I have done this before…I need to show people the work I have put in,..etc etc”  I woke that morning feeling good, and maybe the difference between this year and last year is that I knew what to expect and that I could prepare myself ahead of time. I got my sleep, I listened to my coach I did ALL my cardio and ALL my lifting and drank ALL my water as my coach told me to do. I got my makeup done that morning and did my bronzing with my friend DJ, she has helped me 2nd year in a row with this so we knew the drill… the other girls were competing in figure and BB. I did BB and only that, I felt my passion was there..i loved it…I do love it. Backstage I enjoyed so much, most of the females were from Zoa’s coaching, we supported each other, we cheered each other on..and it was such a great experience. Everyone came into their own and developed and found themselves to be at a new point in their lives. You could see that they were happy to have made it as I was and that the evening show was just fun. I was in lightweight division this go, and it was 4 other ladies with me, all different looks body style..we all were under Zoa and worked hard.. I admit I felt like I wasn’t going to be any good but I kept saying in my mind “just show them the goods, give them all of you, if they want a lat spread give them leg abs whatever…it doesn’t hurt right?” so that’s what I did , we were out there for 9 min LOL…yes that felt like a really long time to me… and we did practice for long periods but the comparisons are always tuff..i went from the end towards the middle beside another lady. Zoa was in front talking to us at prejudging, I posed like my life depended on it..everything ached, felt tight but it was with confidence… I gave it everything I got… so after prejudging was done I went home to try to sleep. I just laid there…thinking about how I did… but it was done..whatever happened happened.. I went to the evening show and just had a good time…a lot of friends and family hubby was there proud of me..I could hear him yelling at me “lock it in lock it in lol” and everyone else… results came 2nd place lightweight division, last year I was a heavyweight (126# and up against 2 other ladies)..i improved hella better than my last show….i know this and I have 0 regret… there is another show in August, the one I competed in last year but that is up in the air..lots of factors
I have to consider that my husband has been supporting me on this for 6 months and we are moving in Aug the month of the show to Hawaii… its feasible but is it worth it…the odds aren’t looking good..I am not going to worry so much right now until I know for sure , I will just enjoy the here and now and be with my husband and give him the time he wants and needs from me…if he deployed it would be different but I have to think if the tables were turned would I be so hasty to be ok with taking a backseat to the gym etc etc… I would say no…. but the acceptance part may be the tough thing for me… to step away and just lift not so much compete but just maintain the body I have been working hard for… and not to take a step back from what I have accomplished. I think sometimes humans forget the positive things that occur and want more, we never are truly satisfied, we always want more…I am satisfied but its always the what if’s, and how and maybe just maybe but I feel that it may be time for something different. In the meantime I am enjoying my victory, my journey continues..